Hi! I'm Guy, a 20 something film director from the UK.

I've always loved movies and making them. It started with a passion for acting when I was a kid. I did a few films and commercials before the age of 13 and quickly developed a fascination with the camera. It was massive and cool. This all changed when I got my first video camera; I dropped acting and started shooting films and skate videos with my friends. At 15 I decided I wanted to be a cinematographer and put all my energy into that career path. I started working as a runner using my contacts from acting and progressed into the lighting department where I worked as a spark on and off for a couple years around my school work.

At 18 I moved to New York, funded by a tuition grant from director Brett Ratner, to study Cinematography at New York Film Academy. During my time in NYC I immersed myself in all things film, met wonderful people and developed hugely as a filmmaker. I also knew that although I loved to shoot, I wanted to direct someday. I came back to the UK and made a career in the camera department, working way up to become a Focus Puller mainly on features and commercials. Meanwhile I started directing on the side until I felt the time was right to stop focus pulling and pivot. I founded international production company Zebrafish Media with my school friend and writing partner Matthew Brawley. This marked the start of my directing career.

To date I have directed 4 award winning short films that have screened at several Oscar qualifying festivals worldwide as well as directing many commercials and music videos. In 2017 I embarked on directing my first feature film Philophobia, a coming-of-age drama set in my queit cotswold home town about a boy and his friendship in their last week of school.

And that takes us up till now. In the future I hope to keep telling stories and  making movies. :)


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